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Monday, 10 March 2014

Meteorology? QoD things.

Sup guys, haven't been doing many Astronomy posts but obviously am doing one RIGHT NOW! last post was about life on mars and being able to live on there, the QotD answers (Only two..:(?) was Saturn and Pluto, which are pretty good answers, obviously it'd be hard/impossible to live on these two planets or probably any other but ones that has the sources and such... but the QotD was just for fun...

I'm into everything Universe/Space. Anything that is in space or that comes from it, I'm interested in... I'm a bit interested in Meteorology and Astronomy and other Space science... but mostly those two!! So I decided to do some research because I was interested in knowing the difference between a Meteor, Comet, Asteroid, Meteoroid and a Meteorite... so I'll be telling you the difference between them or what they actually are!!! 

A comet is a solar system type body that orbits the sun, when it is close to the sun it'll display some sort of fuzzy outline due to solar radiation, or sometimes even a tail!! :3

Asteroids are made out of rock and metal, is a solar system body, and orbits the sun, the difference between an Asteroid and a Comet is that an Asteroid doesn't have a fuzzy outline nor a tail at all, like Comets do.

Meteoroids are small rocks of  debris in our solar system, larger objects that appear to be these aren't, they are Asteroids.

A meteoroid that crashes through our atmosphere and into our earth is classified as a Meteorite!! Can be any sizes, I think? xD

*Comment if you didn't know any of this info^*

Okay I researched it all recently and decided to share just in case you didn't know, Meteorology focuses around debris and rock things in our Universe/Galaxy, Astronomy focuses around our whole entire Universe. ASTROLOGY? Well I don't really want to even learn anything Astrology, pfft...

QotD things now!!

I'll most likely post QotD's on both WoW/Random things and Astronomy things at the end, if I have nothing else to really post I'll just post a QotD about something random... won't necessarily be about Astronomy nor WoW, could be about life or something... so yeah, if I miss a QotD on a day, I won't post two on the next day, I won't follow up on it so yeeeeaaaahhhh....

QotD(Question of the Day): Which one do you think is the 'coolest'? Comet? Asteroid? Meteoroid? or a Meteorite?! Comment your answer!!


Okay, can't figure out how to move Astronomy posts to Astronomy page but oh well, it'll have to be here on Home page till I figure it out *Am new to Blogger* so you'll be seeing mixed up posts! SORRY!!


Hello everyone, another random post for today! I changed the description as you can see... so now random things will obviously be posted!!

Running carnival is tomorrow and Thursday so wish me luck, I'm not really got at athletics but doesn't hurt to have a go, and it's never about winning it's always about fun!!

If you're wondering when a new Astronomy post will be posted, I'll be posting another either later today or tomorrow after school, so yes please do check once and awhile if you're interested!! If any of you viewers have a blog I'll be happy to follow or post the link on here <3

Pre-orders have come out for WoW, $54 for just a normal pre-order and $70+ I think for deluxe one, both contains free 90, and I recommend if you're going to pre-order, CHOOSE CLASS WISELY!!! Race doesn't really matter, but if I was you I'd pick human! >.<

Got a new transmog on my druid, a lot of people ask if I'm good with transmogs, no I'm not, I usually just buy common ones from AH, I don't bother going out and farming them only recently have I... and they kinda look weird at first because I just give up when I can't get a certain piece. Been telling everyone to stop asking me for transmog advice =/ But for those who may need it, go to Wowhead and they have transmogs on there, or just go to cities and look at randoms transmog and combine it with another (Which I have done on occasion)

Trying to think of a question of the day, can be hard... OH I forgot to mention, I am still working on my story blog if you wish to read it I will be putting the link to it on here!! Pretty sure I have my brothers story blog or just blog on here somewhere, if I don't I'll add it. Should check it out, it's really interesting and awesome!! It's a story based on Vanguard or some sort of card game... heh.

Now to the Question of the Day....!!!

Question of the Day: Free 90's will be given to everyone, so which race and class will you be picking?! Answer in comments below!!!

Thanks for reading viewers!!! <3

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Random stuff/WoW things

Hey guys!! So I haven't done a post in awhile, I know. But I'm gonna try and do more, this one is just about random stuff and if I remember WoW will be mentioned!!

It's been a good year so far, been having a GREAT time at my new school, had a surfing day two weeks ago, I nearly drowned but I got back up and went into the water, stayed in the shallow end so that wouldn't happen and I wouldn't lose my Sunglasses so easily. I didn't stand up, but I knelt which I was happy about... we played a few games on the beach while we waited for our turn, water wasn't too cold, swallowed quite a lot of salt water and some of it got into my eyes because I was stupid enough to open my eyes when I get pushed under water. But altogether it was fantastic, I recommend surfing to all of you!! I didn't want too because, I was of course scared, but I did it anyway because I had never gone surfing and I can't say it's bad or good if I have never done it!

My brother got a job recently, his first job, he went for the interview, then he got there the next day and was let off after 2 and a half hours, why? The boss said that he was too WHITE. WHAT THE HELL?! They gave him $50 dollars in hand, he had cut his finger because they didn't show him how to use the butcher knife. Are they stupid or something?? I was just outraged.

More posts coming up!! Also, I didn't want to make two blogs but have decided to have a 'story' blog I guess you could call it, I will link it on here when it's up and running, am super excited. It'll have stories, or books or stuff like that on it that I create. They won't be descriptive, or whatever it'll be just simple. I want to post them because I feel like it and I can!!

Okay, on to the WoW things. (For those who don't know what WoW stands for, It stands for World of Warcraft) I found out that they are taking out pointless heals, such as heal (Priests) Holy Light (Paladins) Nourish (Druids) Healing Wave (Shamans) and so on... though they are making Greater Healing Wave (Shamans again) just Healing Wave, which is retarded.

They are increasing the health a bit more to 50k instead of 30k and so on, if you pre order WoD you get a 90 instantly as you pre order which is stupid. They are trying to go back to Vanilla and even worse. They won't make it entirely back to Vanilla because it's highly impossible. They are trying to fix there mistakes but all they're doing is making even more mistakes. They're going to lose even more players, and of course more will join and they will like it most likely because they'll be WoD noobs and not know what it was like back then.

Blizzard is just stupid as hell!!
 Thanks guys for reading this! Random stuff/WoW Things, Yay!

Question of the Day: Do you think what Blizzard is doing with WoW good?

Say your answer in the comments, and it's quite clear that my answer is a NO! 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

World of Warcraft stuff!!

Hello everyone, as you know a new expansion has been announced, Warlords of Draenor!

They've made a HUGE mistake in this new expansion (Release date has not been announced yet) The new level is going to be 100, I thought they would be smart and just keep it as 90 or go to 95!

A Free 90...many will just choose a class that is OP in the Expansion and won't even learn about it... theres a point to leveling, to learn what spec and class you're playing!! You do only get one 90, which I'm glad about...

The Garrison, I don't think it's such a bad idea to be honest, I've always wanted to be able to own houses, build them, furnish them! So, basically I'm loving the idea of the Garrison.

So, the recent patch made it that you could MAIL heirlooms cross-realm, pretty handy, but what they're doing in the new Expansion is that they're putting Heirlooms into your spell book, it'll be like spells..
You make a new character, go into your spell book, and just drag it onto your character (I'm assuming it'll be like that) I guess it'll be much better! Though, what happens if you can have a set of heirlooms, like tank heirlooms, on one character and you want to level another tank, do you have to go onto the character with the tank heirlooms already on and put them back? or can you have the same heirloom on two different characters?! Hope they say something about that...

This is just my opinion on everything I have read so far on the new Expansion Warlords of Draenor, in my opinion, this isn't an Expansion, this is just a patch! Upgrading and adding new things...
I honestly can't wait till the Garrison and the Spell Book heirlooms thing... but everything else I'm not really looking forward to...